Friday, March 8, 2013

Benefits of Green Homes

Green building is looking at the way we build structures and being more responsible to the environment and to all the natural resources. Many designers, architects and builders are clueless on what impact each material has on our lives. Green building is a common sense, healthy way to build your next home or addition. When a normal building is constructed, the indoor air quality is for more polluted than the outdoor air quality. This is because of all the gases that are given off by the materials that are used. Green buildings are built to minimize the negative impacts on the environment. Building in general consumes 40% of the worlds energy and 25% of the worlds wood harvest. Building green will make these numbers go down. Some of the many features you must include in your building are ones that reduce operational costs. This is because you will spend more money in the long run on energy, maintenance and utilities than on the construction costs. Some of the features of a green building include providing a healthier environment by incorporating water efficient new technologies and installing energy efficient new technologies. Building green can also greatly reduce construction waste the by saving money on dumpsters. Indoor air quality is also a benefit along with a home that is easier to maintain and of course built to last. One last item is your home will probably bring in a higher resale value when you sell it. With all the items listed above, you can see that building a green home is a way to save money long term and a way to reduce your environmental footprint on this planet. In the near future, all buildings and construction will be built to green specifications. Therefore go green on your next home or remodeling project. More information , please visit : Lake County green building contractors

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