Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Resort Management Association

Timeshares have the potential to provide amazing unforgetable vacation experiences. However, they also have a serious potential to cause financial woes for those who own them. When timeshare maintenance fees increase or an unexpected special assessment is received timeshare owners are often unprepared for the changes. This has caused many owners to search for a way to sell their timeshares. Unfortunately this reaction by timeshare owners has cause the timeshare resale market to become over populated with seller and not nearly enough buyers. And timeshare scammers have taken advantage of this marketplace. They know that timeshare owners and resort members have a strong desire to get out and they use this to take advantage of them by promising to have a buyer ready and waiting when in fact there is no one waiting to buy their timeshare. Resort Management Association wants to prevent timeshare owners and resort members from being scammed. Why try to sell your timeshare in a market that has no demand when all you really want to do is eliminate your timeshare maintenance fees. Let Resort Management Association help you by effectively eliminating any and all timeshare related financial obligations!

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